Skincare With Coffee Scrub


Coffee scrub, hmm this sounds strange. But for skincare, no compromise. There are so many expensive scrubs available in the market, then what this coffee scrub is? Coffee scrub is a homemade recipe for glowing and beautiful skin. Antioxidants in coffee can protect our skin from damage and work against aging. A recent study suggests that caffeine in coffee can cause stimulation in skin that causes blood flow to the skin. Now a days many cosmetic brands are using coffee as a vital ingredient for skincare.


Benefits of Coffee Scrub for Skincare

Coffee scrub can be useful as an anti aging cream.

Coffee scrub results in a more smooth and moisturized skin.

Coffee scrub heals a sun damaged skin. Skin darkened by UV rays, can really be repaired.

How to make a Coffee Scrub

You need 1/2 teaspoon of coffee. 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil.Prefer to have raw and unrefined coconut oil. Mix the both ingredients well and make a paste of it. Apply the facial scrub on your face in round movements.




Apply this facial mask or scrub from 15 min to an hour on your face. You can use this coffee facial scrub twice or thrice a week. And the result is a fairer, fresher, younger and glowing skin. Choose this method for your skincare. Its better then other costly scrubs that you spends a lot money on.


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