Sports Coats Trends 2015


Wearing blazers and coats seems uncomfortable to many guys. But blazers trend is always there specially when it comes to winter fashion trends for men. This winter blazers are getting a more casual form. Yes, blazers are turning into sports coats. A recent survey has showed that young guys are appreciating sports coats more than formal blazers. We  have observed a hike in the sale of sports coats that clarifies that a sport coat is being loved by guys this year. The reason behind it is off course the comfort level of sports coat.

There are many types of sports coats trending in the fashion world. Sports coats are available in sweater like fitting and fabric. Yes sports coat but in jersey fabric. There are sports coat that are in faded style and rough look. Some sport coats are in soft jackets style. The fashion industry is aiming at creating more comforting and casual sports coat or relaxed jackets so in future we are going to see this fashion trend on its peek. This fall go for sports coat with jeans. Its also trending on runway fashion.

Now fall season is approaching. As all are changing their wardrobe, I would suggest get some easy and stylish sports coat. You can wear structured style sports coat if you are heading towards some workplace. Yes, sport coat or sports jackets are best to use in office or at job only if it is in structured style and fitting. A structured style blazer needs high quality On the contrary, unstructured sports coat or safari jackets are for casual use and free style. Sports coats can be worn in offices that are not very strict about office dress code.Fabric for sports coat can be linen, cotton, wool whatever you feel cool in. But as winter is approaching wool be the most suitable one.


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