Steve Jobs Movie Review


Steve Jobs is perhaps the most iconic name in the field of technology. Steve jobs’ tireless work and his remarkable efforts in the field of technology will be remembered till the end. That is why soon we are going to see a movie based on the events surrounding Steve Jobs’ life. The Steve Jobs movie is being made under the banner of Universal Pictures.Though Steve Jobs is no more with us but like before, Steve Jobs is still trending as the part of news.

The movie on the life of Steve Jobs is going to be released on 9th October 2015 in USA. Danny Boyle is the director of Steve Jobs. The title role of Steve Jobs is being played by Michael Fassbender.


Other major characters in Steve Jobs’ life are as under. Steve Wozniak by Seth Rogen, Joanna Hoffman is being played by Academy Award winner Kate Winslet. Chrisann Brennan by Katherine Waterston. John Sculley is portrayed by Jeff Daniels.

A couple of trailers of Steve Jobs movie has been launched. People are impatiently waiting for the release. Steve Wozniak the business partner of Steve jobs has reportedly seen glimpses from the movie and what he has to say about Steve Jobs movie, according to him this movie Steve Jobs is unlike any other movie. Followers of Steve Jobs would be waiting keenly for the movie and so do I.


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