Stylish Sunglasses for Men


Sunglasses are one of our must have fashion accessories for men and women both. Glasses are our need and a sign of style statement as well. These are necessary specially in summer. Each year we observe new shapes and styles for glasses.Glasses for men have a number of styles and shapes. Here are some of the most worn and trendy styles and shapes for men in 2015.

Wayfarer Sunglasses


Though this style of sunglasses for men, goes back to 1950 era. But a few recent fashion runways have confirmed that wayfarer sunglasses are back with a bang. Wayfarer sunglasses have a retro shape but now these sun glasses have got a touch of 2015 in its color range.

Round Frame Sunglasses


Again these round frame sunglasses for men are inspired by the era of 1920’s. But even today these round frame glasses are not only trendy but comfortable too. Many celebrities have been witnessed wearing round frame glasses on various occasions.

Aviator Sunglasses


Contrary to the round frame , aviator glasses are bigger in size. With thin metal frames and mostly with reflective glasses, aviator glasses give you a classy and stylish look for sure.

D Frame Sunglasses


Another quite popular style of sun glasses for men. These d shaped sun glasses give you a style statement with the blend of retro and contemporary.

Mirrored glasses


The special aspect of these sun glasses is its highly reflective lenses. These glasses are quite trendy and give a boy the style he wishes. Any girl would fall for that funky look.

Metal Top glasses


These sun glasses for men with metal top are also quite trendy and stylize you a lot. This summer go for metal top sun glasses. You can also buy branded glasses for men online.

Statement glasses


In my personal opinion, statement glasses can be a perfect part of an office attire. Or a businessman will look perfect with statement glasses for men.

Square glasses


Square sun glasses also look cool and give you a more manly look. You can buy all these glasses online.




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