Successful Cloning of A Dead Dog in South Korea


A few years back cloning of a living being was just an idea pictured in the Hollywood sci fi movies. It was hard to imagine that something as weird and miraculous as cloning could ever be a reality. Today cloning is a possibility. Cloning of humans is illegal but not cloning of animals. South Korea is making headlines in the cloning of animals.

The most recent and successful case is of a dog’s cloning in South Korea. A British couple has paid the huge amount of £60,000 to get their dead dog of 8 years “Dylan”, cloned. Dylan is actually cloned now. The British couple 29 years old Ms Laura Jacques and Mr Richard Remde 43, owned Dylan since he was a puppy and fed him like a baby. Dylan was died of heart fail as a result of the previously diagnosed brain tumor in June 2015.

Two puppies have been replicated from the DNA sample of the dead dog Dylan at the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea. The dog was dead two weeks before the DNA sample was gathered.

The DNA was successfully implanted into the egg, of a surrogate mother, with removed nucleus. The whole procedure was completed successfully and the surrogate mother has given birth to one clone puppy with a C-section and the other is expected on Tuesday 29 Dec 2015.

The British couple is overwhelmed and have traveled all the way to South Korea to receive the newly born puppy that is just like Dylan in looks, the couple said. The clone puppy is named “Chance” after the favorite character of Ms Jacques, from the Disney movie “Homeward Bound”.

The couple expressed their views and admitted the fact that many people around the globe would take them as “mad” because of spending so much on cloned pets. But, “We are not mad. We are dog-mad though, and we both absolutely love all animals.”

Check the video by “guardian news” for further details.