Sylvester Stallone Movie’s Props Auctioned


In a recent charity event famous accessories and props, used by Sylvester Stallone in his movies, have been sold in unexpectedly high price. Sylvester Stallone also attended the charity auction and spend quality time with his fans.

The Stallone props are from his movies, Rambo, Rocky and the Expendables. The leather jacket of Stallone that he wore in “Rocky” was top sold item at the price of $149,000. The other items and accessories of Stallone included the boxing trunks he wore in “Rocky” were priced $57,500. A poncho worn by Stallone in the movie “First Blood” was also sold at the unexpectedly high price of $60,000.

Other than his personal items, Stallone also presented the training gloves of the world famous boxer Muhammad Ali. There is a personal message inscribed by Muhammad Ali on it specially for Stallone. These gloves were also sold at the good price of $47,500. Overall $3 millions have been gathered and all the money raised from this auction will be used in military charity.

He expressed his views on these props auction in these words, “The memorabilia I have has been used and been a part of my life for, kind of hard to admit this, well over 40 years,”“It’s been in my possession and I’ve fond memories attached to just about every object. There comes a point, though, when I think that I’ve used these objects enough and have created enough memories that I can let them go.”