TAG Heuer Connected Most Expensive Android Wear Watch


Now TAG Heuer is also a runner in the race of smartwatches. A few time back TAG Heuer had announced its upcoming Android smartwatch. The Android smartwatch by TAG Heuer is named Connected. TAG Heuer Connected is hopefully releasing on 9th of Nov 2015. TAG Heuer Connected has many outstanding features.

TAG Heuer Connected is made under the partnership of Google and Intel. And will run on Android wear operating system. The communication manager of TAG Heuer UK has further said about TAG Heuer, “The smart watch will change its technology as it evolves. We want to be able to change the technology but keep the watch elements. We want to create something that will stay with you for a long time, thats what TAG Heuer does. And as the technology change the hardware will change.”

Battery timing of TAG Heuer Connected is superb. IT can last for 40 hours which is far better than any of the smartwatches available in the market right now. And with the up-gradation of the software, the battery can be improved further.

According to WTVOX, TAG Heuer Connected is the most expensive Android wear watch till date. According to the reports TAG Heuer watch would be around $1,800. That is quite a price. Lets wait and see how much response TAG Heuer Android operating system watch, will get from the users.


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