Time To Watch First Quadrantid Meteor Shower of 2016


Quadrantid meteor shower is a cosmic event that occur each year in the start of January. Its a natural phenomena where you can witness hundreds of meteors showering in the sky. Each year meteors fall in different numbers. If you too are interested in witnessing this unusually stunning event then Sunday night to early morning Monday is the perfect time suggested by the scientists of NASA.

3 a.m to the rise of dawn is said to be the peak time of meteor shower. The best thing about Quadrantid meteor shower is the brightness of the fireballs. According to NASA scientists, if the atmospheric conditions are suitable, you can see from 60 to 200 showering meteors per hour.

Quadrantids were first discovered in 1830’s. At that time Quadrantids were said to be radiated from a constellation named Quadrans Muralis. Ever since it was named Quadrantid meteor shower.