Tiny Fedoras A Weird Fashion Accessory For Men Hair


I have been seeing and writing a lot about fedora hats as a famous fashion accessory for men. But now fedora hats are reinvented in a very funny way. Tiny fedoras are the latest weird fashion trend. Tiny fedoras are specially made for men bun, which is quite “in” this year.

So a tiny fedora is supposed to be worn over that men bun. Just the way in the picture above. The weird fashion is getting mixed reviews and following. Most of the people are referring it to be HORRIBLE fashion trend.


Maybe in the near future we see these tiny fedora as a flourished fashion trend (maybe not). So now men can use this hair fashion accessory to decorate their high men bun. Not only this now special hair pins are also available for men bun. That can also be a choice for the new look for the coming festive season.