Tokyo Fashion Week Begins in Japan


Good news for all the fashion lovers as Tokyo fashion week has started in Tokyo, Japan today. Long we have been waiting for this great fashion event, Tokyo fashion week. This year Japan is hosting this fashion week. Today is the first opening day and coming six days will be full of latest fashion trends from around the globe. It is reported that more than 50 fashion houses will showcase their fashion collection in the coming days. A variety of fabrics are going to be used. From silk to denim we will see all stuff.

Akiko Shinoda is the director of the organization which is dealing with this whole event. On a question regarding fashion designers in Japan he replied, “There is no shortage of design talent in Japan,” Unfortunately many designers and textile houses are unknown outside Japan, we need to promote them. Shinoda further praised Japanese talent and said that China is a big fashion market that copies Japanese designs and logos. And they are surely going to take action against it. Shinoda further said that, We can’t compete with Paris, Milan or New York fashion but we can provide a plateform for young designers to start their careers.

On the first day of Tokyo fashion week, many latest and hottest fashion trends have been witnessed here. Like pin-striped shirts, cotton shorts and sweatshirts were made a part of  Tokyo fashion week. Moreover we saw linen suits, brogues and girls looking beautiful wearing pleated mini-skirts and ankle socks. Soshi Otsuki’s fashion collection included men wearing culottes and silk shorts layered over pants.
Now we have more six days ahead to see more fashion trends in fashion week Japan. A lot is going to happen in these days. Will keep you updated. Stay tuned all the fashion lovers. Also share your views.


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