Top Ten Most Bizarre Fashion Trends


You are always very keen to know about latest and trendy fashion trends around. But not every fashion trend can be followed. There are many bizarre fashion trends which no reasonable man can follow. Today I am sharing some of the most bizarre fashion trends around the globe. One of the most bizarre fashion trends is the meggings trend. Lets have a look on this weird fashion trend.

Meggings, Bizarre Fashion Trends

Meggings is a new fashion term. Quite resembling to leggings. Same in structure and style but what includes it in the list of the most weird fashion trends is that only men can wear it. Imagine a man wearing leggings under a nice Tee or dressing shirt. Seems strange na. I also got a small shock when I saw male models on fashion runways wearing meggings. Printed meggings are specially getting popular among males.

Bagel Head

Another weird and bizarre fashion trend that I just hate. Its shaping your forehead up with a saline injection. This weird fashion trend is very popular in Japan. This body modification process is really painful.




We all have heard about bikini, that women wear on seaside or pools. Similarly China has introduced the face-kini trend. Its actually a face mask that women in China wear under the sun to keep from UV rays.




Sweater Pants

A really weird fashion trend, I just feel like laughing whenever I watch someone wearing a sweater pants. All you have to do to follow this bizarre fashion trend is simply take your sweater and put it on from your feet. Simply hilarious. Isn’t it.



Fake Braces

For some fake braces are a curse that they want to get rid of as soon as possible. But in Asian countries like Indonesia, China and Thailand, fake braces are so trendy that all the teenagers want it on their teeth. Even popular celebrities in these countries also wear these fake braces. Fake braces are available in many styles and designs.




Pierced Eyebrows

Many super models are seen with pierced eyebrows multiple times. Its another weird fashion trend. You can’t follow it in a normal life. I think it must be very painful as well.



Manba Fashion Japan

Another bizarre fashion trend from Japan. This fashion trend comes from the Ganguro culture. In this weird fashion trend, girls dye their hair with silver or many other colors, blackens their face and put a lot of bright color makeup on their faces. White color patches around their eyes, white lips give them a weird look.




Wearing Plastic Bag

Wearing nothing but plastic bags or carrier bag is the latest weird fashion trend in Asian countries. Specially teens both male and female in Taiwan are following this fashion trend and posting their pics on social media. If you like this fashion trend then you do not have to spend a lot on your wardrobe. You can grab the cheapest one.



Glasses without lenses

Another of bizarre fashion trends, that is being followed in Hong Kong and adjacent Asian countries. People put on just frames of glasses no lens at all. They match it with their dresses and hair. Hmm a nice fashion accessory.


Colored Eye-brows

Models are seen with different colors on their brows. I don’t think its cool. It must be among the most bizarre fashion trends.




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