Ty Lite iPhone Case with Selfie Light


Snapping a perfect selfie is not a big deal anymore. All thanks to Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s stylist who came with Ty lite iphone case. Girls has to go through many ordeals like arranging perfect light on your face or creating different effects before or after snapping a selfie. But the new “light up phone case” for iphone 6 and 6S is specially designed with LED light system to give you that perfect Beyoncé like click.

Ty Lite iPhone Case has a frame of LED lights that will make the user look flawless and fresh just the way one wishes. The Ty Lite iphone case is available with three options cool, warm and brilliant.The user can easily adjust the brightness of the light.

Ty Lite iphone case has its own rechargeable batteries. Many celebrities are said to be using this gadget. It’s a wonderful gadget and priced $79.99. You can order now to buy it online. It may not be very affordable for many but overall it’s a useful item for the selfie addicts.