USB Mug Warmer For Hot Coffee in Winter


USB port is really a leisure to this world. There seems to be that a day will come when all of the equipment will be USB powered,like USB microwave oven,USB washing machine,USB refrigerator etc.

Off coarse I am not kidding and you will agree to what I am saying. Now you can keep your morning coffee hot while working out and can have your coffee hot whole night while playing games on PC or doing your office work in office. Yes! you are right it’s a mug warmer, USB powered. This THANKO USB mug warmer has the great feature of keep warm drinks warmer and cool ones cooler for a long time. All you have to do is arrange a USB PORT for it. Peltier thermo-elements are the one that keep s the device working as you wish whether hot or cold.

You can have paper mugs or small cans to keep inside the mug warmer. A normal mug is not suitable. The USB cup has its own holder that you can use like any other cup.I have the one and believe me I feel good to have it. It can function on the temperatures from 64 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. As winter is here, you should have one. It will cost you $66. You can also have it while shopping online.