Warner Bros are Going to be Sued for The Conjuring


The Conjuring was a horror fiction movie made under the banner of Warner Bros in 2013. The Conjuring is the story of a haunted farm house on Rhode island where a couple lives. And then how a team of paranormal investigators come to solve the mystery. Warner Bros not only used the real life location but also the real life name of the couple who used to live once in that farm house on Rhode island. Now this very thing is bothering the couple that lives in that house (shown in The Conjuring).

According to them, since the movie has released, people know this place Harrisville home and very often come there and trespass their private property and damage it too. They say that people come and peer into their house at any hour of the day which is quite annoying. That is why Mr. and Mrs. Sutcliffe has decided to sue Warner Bros. Sutcliffe family say that no official from Warner Bros banner has ever come to them to inform that they are displaying their house-like place. On the other hand The spokesperson from Warner Bros say that they have not received any legal notice from Sutcliffe family right now.


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