Most Weird Fashion Trends this Year


We all follow latest fashion trends each year. Some fashion trends get so much popularity within no time that people follow it everywhere. But not all fashion trends are made to be followed. There are many bizarre and weird fashion trends that can only be enjoyed but not followed. Today I am going to share some latest weird fashion trends with you all.

Flower Beards

Another strange mens fashion trend is quite popular in Boho America. Men with beards full of flowers and blossoms are quite trendy on social media. This weird fashion trends is being followed by men in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Portland.

Eyeball Tattoos

Its another weird fashion trend from Canada. I feel this fashion trend is disgusting. People are literally dying their eyeballs in green, blue, yellow etc. This was first introduced for the people who had the problem of scratch-marked eyes. But now people are commonly following this weird fashion trends.




Bean Sprout Hairclips

A common fashion trend on the streets of china. These bizarre plant or bean sprout like hairpins are worn by kids, men and women all. This fashion trend is more funny than bizarre.




Pointed Boots

Normally known as guarachero boots in Mexico, these bizarre looking shoes are worn in rural areas of Mexico. The pointiest the shoes are, the better they are thought of. But now these extremely pointy shoes style is also getting into mainstream fashion world. Yes, now Paris fashion week has also showcased these weird and pointy shoes.



Lolita Fashion

This is a Japanese fashion trend which is highly inspired by Edwardian and Victorian clothing. Dresses are highly embellished skirts, blouses, stockings, head dresses, wigs and much more. Girls wearing such costume on the roads look really weird. But its a fashion trend in Japan.



Hitler Chic

Do not  feel strange if you travel to Bangkok and find Hitler on everything. Hitler is very popular in Bangkok fashion world. you will find Hitler in Bangkok on things of everyday use to clothing.






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