Whats The Best About Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Though people complain about small battery and no micro SD card ( 32 GB builtin memory) in Samsung Galaxy note 5 but still there are a lot of amazing features that make it one of the best android phones of 2015. Here are all the best things about Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that make it a must have.

1. Brilliant Stellar Camera

Camera of Note 5 has been officially acknowledged to be the third best camera right now in the market by DxOMark. Most promisingly Note 5 camera has beaten the camera result of iphone 6. Its a 16 megapixel camera. There are so many promising camera functions like switching on camera by double tapping the screen even if the phablet is locked or switched off. There are camera functions like

optical image stabilization

fast auto focus

auto-HDR mode

2. Fast Charging Capacity

You can charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in maximum 80 minutes. As it has adaptive fast charging. Its a very short charging period as compared to the older devices.

3. Stunning Display

Many big screen mobiles have been released in 2015 but none of them can be compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 AMOLED display and 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD screen resolution.

4. Aluminum Body

Unlike many of the previous Samsung phones with plastic body this time Samsung has revamped its device with gorgeous aluminum body with round edges that add more to its grace. Samsung Galaxy note 5 has Gorilla Glass 4 on its front and back to make it more durable.

5. Samsung Pay

Note 5 has this latest and the most easiest money transfer method of Samsung pay in it. Samsung pay is not available in all the Samsung mobiles.