Will Leonardo DiCaprio Make it To The Oscars


Oscar awards season is near and Oscar buzz is already being heard. The most talked-about category this year is THE BEST ACTOR. Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be the most deserving and powerful contendor for the nominee this year for his extraordinary performance in the latest survival drama THE REVENANT. Where he gets raped by a bear twice and survived for the battle of revenge.

The Revenant is a mega project made by the last year’s Academy Award winning movie Birdman’s director, Alejandro González Iñárritu. This brutal survival movie is going to hit the cinemas on 25th December 2015 in US. Trailor have been released and audiences are loving the brilliance and perfection of the actors.

There are other strong competitors for the above mentioned nominee, like Johnny Depp for THE BLACK MASS. Johnny Depp’s performance also garnered huge appreciation from all sides and many are hoping that finally Johnny Depp has a great chance to win the golden lady.

The other winner might be Matt Demon for his sci-fi movie THE MARTIAN. Though the buzz for winners is on, but only time will tell. Leonardo DiCaprio has great chances of winning in comparison to others. Critics are also feeling the same. Lets see who gets the golden lady of Academy Award 2016. May the best win in all categories. Leaving you with the trailer of The Revenant. Watch and decide yourself, will DiCaprio make it to the Oscars this year?