Winter Jewelry Trends 2015/16


Jewelry defines a woman, but the typical jewelry styles have become very common these days. The classic jewelry pieces can become boring if one wears those frequently. So, it is always good to go for a little bit of diversity which will make your look more exciting to the people around you, and you will be noticed more often. Jewelry trends season is always dedicated to provide fashionable and unique jewelry to the market and it is not complex to keep up with this event organized every year in fall.Here are some really stylish jewelry trends for fall winter 2015/ 2016.

Bold Statements
The jewelry designers have created a lot of statement jewelry this season. Bracelets designed are fairly oversized, the extra large earrings, and beautiful necklaces are going to be very prominent this jewelry trend season 2015/2016.

The jewelry is usually made of precious metals, but this season the designers have introduced completely new jewelry trends of metal jewelry. The all-metal jewelry is pretty light in weight and is available in yellow and white color. Some designs are quite irregular, whereas, some are angular. However, most of these designs make good-looking masterpiece.

Strong motifs
This is a sole kind of jewelry; it is all up to the wearer that how she wants to design it in order to match the dress. Snakes, flowers, birds, bugs and coins are the most famous motifs. If you are planning to follow motif jewelry trends then make sure that you are very good at making combinations.

There was a time when fringe was very popular fashion trend for decorating clothes, but this season fringes are popular as latest jewelry trends. it is being used to design jewelry as well. The fringe used in jewelry looks fabulous; it is also used to design shoes and bags as well nowadays.

Layered Necklace
The trend of wearing layered necklaces has convoluted in the past few years. It is necessary for you to match your clothes with the jewelry rather than matching your jewelry with your clothes.

Square Bangles
Square bangle is a recently proposed item in the fashion industry and it has been given special attention by many fashion lovers. The style is very unique and makes you look different; it is fairly innovative and will stay in the market for a few more seasons.

The gigantic Rings
The huge rings are becoming more and more trendy these days. The rings look pretty good on most of the wearers but it might not look good on everyone who wears it.

Wearing a bracelet has been a fashion trend for many years, but nowadays women wear 5 to 6 bracelets on each wrist. The more the bracelets, the more they will look good. The bracelets are of numerous designs, some of them are thin and some are pretty heavy.