Winter Shoe Trends for Men 2015


Winter is coming and all are preparing for winter apparel. To choose the best winter apparel one has to know the latest fashion trends. Men are also very conscious of their looks and style. Winter can be chic and stylish if you follow and keep updated of latest fashion accessories. Shoes are very important and vital fashion accessory. Here are latest winter shoe trends 2015.

Men’s Leisure/ Sports Shoes


The most easy foot wear for men to wear. They come in great variety and styles. Sports shoes are best to walk. Men who have to walk more during office hours, leisure shoes are best for them. They can be worn on all occasions and look stylish too.

Men’s Brogues Shoes


When it comes to latest winter shoe trends brogues are always an option. Brogues or lace ups shoes are best for office attire and also can be worn on grand events like official meet ups or other lavishing parties. Preffered colors for brogues would be tan and burgundy.

Men Casual Shoe Trends


Casual shoes for men are never out of fashion and specially for winter shoe trends. Irrespective of weather or season, guys love to wear casual shoes for comfort and fashion both. Casual shoes are best paired with denim. I would recommend casual shoes for teens and youngsters with denim this winter. Casual shoes can also be worn with office attire.

Men Chelsea Boots


Chelsea boots for men are quite trendy this winter. They look great with office attire as well as casual meet ups. Choose shades of brown like walnut, tan or chocolaty when wearing Chelsea boots. And pair them with shades of grey or blue outfits this winter.

Duck Boots


Duck boots are best for winter. Duck boots are conveniently used in rain and snow. Normally the duck boots have rubber bottom that keep it safe in rains and snow. It pairs best with tweed jackets and denim. They come in great styles and colors.

Hiking Boots


Hiking boots are stylish and comfortable. They are best for hiking but can easily be worn anytime. Look great with denim and sport jackets.


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